Entrepology Podcast

Dr. Meghan Walker:

I have this ongoing “chicken or the egg” question about what really comes first when we move towards optimal health. Is it your mindset that drives the performance that enables you to live your best life or is it your health that drives your mindset? Luckily today, I have the perfect guest to help me answer this exact question: Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, also known as Dr. K.

Yashar is an accomplished Naturopathic Doctor and Brain-Based Executive Coach. He is incredible when it comes to understanding how we need to change, not only what we are thinking, but the way we are thinking to be able to actualize on our true potential.

This episode, Dr. K. and I get into all sorts of things today including the very cool, “biohacking” gadgets that he uses in his practice to help people understand and feel what it’s like to truly be calm and integrated with themselves (so that they have a platform upon which they can start to move forward, in terms of their own understanding of health and personal potential.) We also talk about Dr. K.’s approach and practice in general and dive deep into how people can better themselves — both in mindset and in their health.

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