1/ How do pronounce your last name?

Khos-ro-sha-hi. It starts with a hard “K” sound, and ends with a “he” sound. Everything in between is said like it looks. Not many people get it right on their first try, but most are also surprised by how much easier it is to say once broken down. That being said, for obvious reasons, most people prefer to call me “Dr. K”.

2/ What is Mind Body Performance?

Mind Body Performance (MBP) is about training the 3 most powerful systems in the body – Big Brain, Little Brain, and Second Brain. I help you understand and apply the science of how the mind and body communicate so you can become the most purpose-driven and powerful version of yourself – to be better than yesterday – to step up, and step into your life, like it matters.

My personal health training programs are designed for maximal engagement and fulfillment in life, business, relationships, and athletics.

Together we will develop the systems, skills, and strategies required to untangle old patterns and refocus your mind and body of what you are capable of.

My approach is simple. I teach you how to be compassionate towards yourself, while you raise your standard of accountability towards your purpose. This is the synergy that lies within you.

3/ Are you a psychotherapist?

No. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Brain-Based Executive Coach, and I teach Health Psychology at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I blend lifestyle counseling with coaching techniques and apply the latest research in the neurosciences, mind-body medicine, clinical nutrition and biofeedback technologies to optimize my patient’s health outcomes.

4/ Will you prescribe me supplements?

When appropriate. I believe there is a time and place for supplementation, but they can never do the fundamental and foundational work that is always needed for sustainable success. The determination to use supplements will be influenced by each individual’s health concern and health status (including blood work and functional testing). That being said, most often patients can start moving towards their desired outcomes without depending on supplementation.

5/ Why would someone see you instead of another naturopathic doctor?

It really depends on your goals. Every doctor is different, and has their own focus and/or way of practicing. I prefer to primarily focus on counselling + coaching and use biofeedback technologies because it’s where I see the best results and the most lasting change. Depending on the needs of each patient or client I also have the other, more common, naturopathic tools to support if needed.

I often say, patients don’t come into my practice because they think candy is better for them than kale – they come because they don’t know why they keep picking candy over kale. Whatever your “candy” or your “kale” is, I can help you understand it and work through it – that is, if you’re ready to do the work.

6/ You are a Brain-Based Executive Coach. Is that like a life coach?

There are some similarities. But anyone can call themselves a life coach, so it’s important to dig a little deeper when you’re deciding who you want to work with. I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, and a certified Brain-Based Executive Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute, and I use the latest research in the neurosciences, mind-body medicine, clinical nutrition and biofeedback technologies. I spend much of my time analyzing the literature and figuring out how to practically apply it for myself and others. It is the balance of the hard sciences with the soft skills that really allows each person to not only gain a deeper understanding about themselves, but also have a more realistic opportunity to create sustainable change.

7/ Does everyone need a coach in life in work?

I truly believe so. It is imperative to have a trusted voice (outside of your own head) to help you navigate the waters of your daily emotions, thoughts and actions. Often, people stall their personal growth, letting it slip in priorities, and then wonder why they feel unfulfilled, why they keep facing the same challenges, and why they keep working so hard to accomplish so little.

I help my patients gain deeper insights for the challenges they face and the growth available to them, and help them facilitate healthy changes by training the 3 Brains (hyperlink).

8/ What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is an umbrella term that describes various forms of technology that allow the user to gain “real-time” information on how a system of their body is functioning. With my patients I measure what is called Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback to teach them how to work with their own physiology to enter a state of focus, recovery and relaxation.

9/ Are you a mindfulness expert?

Mindfulness refers to the ability of maintaining a present moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and/or surrounding environment. The practice of mindfulness in the form of meditation has been documented as far back in our history as 3000-2000 B.C., and has made an impact in all major religions. However, we are now living in a very an exciting time because science has helped us understand the value of mindfulness detached from any religious underpinnings and in a language that is accessible to all. Mindfulness helps increase our ability for focused attention, physical and mental performance, creativity, emotional intelligence, immune strength and can even change the structures of the brain!

I’m not really sure what a mindfulness “expert” looks like, but mindfulness is something I’ve practiced and trained daily for many years. I consider myself more of a mindfulness “personal trainer” – I have a solid foundation and continue to practice and strengthen my own mindfulness muscles, as I help others do the same.

10/ What kind of results can I expect and how quickly?

The goal is always to get you to where you want to be – mentally and physically. The speed in which this happens will depend on your health concern and your level of commitment. My work with patients often lasts 3 – 12 months. That being said, patients often report having gained meaningful insights about their health in every session.

12/ Do you work with kids?

Yes I do. I have a program that was designed by the HeartMath Institute specifically for youth ages 8 – 16.