Like any other muscles, your brain and your heart need a focused plan, proper instruction and committed effort to maximize their ability to perform at desired levels.

This boot camp is designed for the individual that is ready and willing to take steps towards a more fulfilling and connected life. Only those truly interested in examining themselves and their life are invited to participate, as I aim to create an environment that is educational, supportive and transformative. As your facilitator, I promise to stretch your thinking, challenge your patterns and support your desire to get growing.


  • 7.5 live hours of Mental + Emotional Strength Building
  • 5 sessions, once per week at Align Health Centre
  • All classes have a component of mindfulness exercises, teaching, personal work, and group discussion/Q + A
  • Weekly strength building exercises
  • Personalized Workbook included

Topics to be covered in detail, include:


  1. Personal Power + Vision
  2. Gratitude + Acknowledgement
  3. Self-Compassion + Respect
  4. The Psychology of Sustainable Success + Grit
  5. Body Awareness + Mind Control

Call Align Health Centre in Newmarket at (905) 953-1008 for details.

This Boot Camp is designed for everyone. This class helped me find the answers I need for me to make decisions about my life that best represent who I am and who I want to be. The Boot Camp helped me identify when I am not being my true authentic self and how to quickly correct course. Thank you Dr. K! – A.C.

This boot camp kicked my “brain-butt”, but in a good way! I love that it challenged me to actually come to terms with life and the underlying struggles. Dr. K is a wonderful instructor and doctor who has a overwhelming depth of knowledge on the topics of overcoming your mental and emotional challenges. – K.W.

I can honestly say that Dr.K has helped me more than all the seminars, retreats and psychotherapy I’ve done in the past 3 years!! Besides Dr.K’s obvious knowledge on the subject, what I love and appreciate the most is his authenticity and passion for the success and growth of his clients. – C.F.