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It has been estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems. I am  passionately committed to reversing this statistic by helping my patients learn the methods and tools required to reach optimal health and sustainable performance.

I use the latest science in Mind-Body Medicine, as it is the foundation to living a truly healthful life, and incorporate counseling, coaching, clinical nutrition, supplementation and biofeedback technology to support my patients.

All of my programs draw from my multiple areas of education in the health and performance fields. NuCalm increases patient outcomes by helping build stress-resilience, mental focus and mental and physical recovery.

What is NuCalm?

The NuCalm Clinical System is the world’s first and only patented technology proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs.

This all-natural, predictable, and easy-to-implement neuroscience solution is used by the professional athletes, pilots, medical practitioners, business executives, and cancer patients. NuCalm has a satisfaction rate of over 95%.

“On NuCalm, subjects experience a rapid decrease in heart rate and respiration rate while exhibiting an increase in vagal tonality. These biomarkers are consistent with deep meditation and illustrative of the predictable rapid onset of the parasympathetic nervous system dominance created by NuCalm.” — Dr. Chung-Kang Peng, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Rey Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School

Stress Relief

Most of us are dealing with moderate to high levels of stress, and it seems to be increasing all the time. It has been estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems

NuCalm can help by giving you some stress-free time. When you are using NuCalm, you just can’t feel stress. And when you’re done, you likely have a better perspective on what was stressing you out before, making you better able to deal with it.


Removing stress can help you be less distracted and better able to focus on the things that you need to do – whether that be in your personal or professional life. Like meditation, NuCalm helps your conscious mind get control and emphasize the things that are really important right now, putting aside other issues for a better time to address them.


Relaxing with NuCalm helps you recover your personal energy reserves to have more energy for work and play. Just a brief session with NuCalm can help you feel revived and ready to resume your daily routine. It’s so effective that Tony Robbins recently declared that NuCalm was one of his favorite ways to relax and reset. When given just half an hour off in a recent day of media appearances, he spent 20 minutes of it with NuCalm.

Athletic Performance

NuCalm helps athletes overcome many of the obstacles that can stand in the way of achieving peak performance. NuCalm is currently being used by multiple professional sport organizations and athletes, including: NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and PGA.

Top 3 reasons to use NuCalm:

Improve Mental Focus

“You could tell that these guys were just more relaxed. We want our players to play ‘intense’ not ‘tense.’ NuCalm is a way for them to just relax and deal with frustrations. NuCalm was very beneficial because it clears your head and allows you to start from scratch. The crucial part of this game is recovery. That’s why I think NuCalm played an important role for us, especially during the playoffs.”
— Mike Gapski, Head Trainer, Chicago Blackhawks

Increase Muscle Output

“… it is not strength of the musculature, but relaxation of muscles to produce additional load when required, allowing muscles to
work at optimal sarcomere length. NuCalm is a significant advancement and an amazing tool for quickly relaxing muscles throughout
the entire body.”
— Dr. Norman Thomas, Ph.D., MD, DDS, Director of Neuromuscular Research at LVI Global

Accelerate Recovery & Healing

“…we work with professional athletes to manage cortisol and address inflammation response with nutrition and lifestyle. NuCalm has proven to be a remarkably reliable tool for helping to modulate cortisol levels and inflammation. NuCalm quickly takes athletes out of their catabolic breakdown mode and shifts them into a healthy build-up mode, so they can heal and recover as quickly as possible.
— Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN, CEO, SportFuel, Inc.

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