Smart Brain Wise Heart™ is both an online and in clinic facilitated social and emotional learning program. Youth learn at their own pace while I reinforce key self-regulation skills in our sessions together. This program draws on the best of young peoples’ brains and hearts to help empower them to make smarter decisions, gain greater self-control and navigate the academic and social dimensions of life with greater success.


8 one-on-one sessions, 5 x 30-minute NuCalm sessions, personal biofeedback device, training guide.

Week 1: Initial visit (up to 90 minutes)
Week 2: Visit 2 (60 minutes)
Week 3: Off
Week 4: Visit 3 (60 minutes)
Week 5: Visit 4 (60 minutes)
Week 6: Off
Week 7 Visit 5 (60 minutes)
Week 8: Visit 6 (60 minutes)
Week 9: Off
Week 10: Visit 7 (60 minutes)
Week 11: Visit 8 (60 minutes)